Friday, February 24, 2012

Wisconsin-Area Fun Runs

 Every day I hear about some new awesome 5K or 10K or the like that I want to sign up for entirely for the medal, the novelty t-shirt, or the refreshments at the end. In no particular order, here are a couple that I'm considering running this summer...if my bank account doesn't get mad at me first.

Race for the Bacon
This sizzling race is your choice of a 5K or 10K that will be held Thursday, June 14th at the Wisconsin State Fair park (of course, where else but the land of fried food?). My biggest motivation to join this race is not that I'll have a t-shirt that says "Bring Home the Bacon," but the words "post-race bacon party" in the description of events. And even though I have no chance of being a top finisher, those that do will receive "a big hunk of bacon." Priceless.

The Color Run
One part art class, one part workout, 100% awesome, The Color Run is a race in which participants start out with a white outfit and end coated with multi-colored hues on their shirt, shorts, shoes, arms, faces, hair...
I'm surprised goggles aren't necessary for this one, but then I suppose you're always free to close your eyes. At the moment there is no Wisconsin event scheduled, but the run in Chicago goes down June 2nd. As of last week they hadn't even started taking registrations; today I checked and they are at capacity but are "working on options to allow more participants." So stay tuned. Sidenote: The Color Run in the Twin Cities is still open and will take place July 15th.

The Sausage Run/Walk
The Brewers page on doesn't have much info on the Sausage Run/Walk, but it's just like you imagine. A 5K race in steamy July or August with hundreds of Brewers fans, running around Miller Park with some poor sots sweating away in giant foam sausage costumes. I think you get some tailgating afterward though, so there is that. This is one of those races I'd like to complete simply for the t-shirt I'd get. Let me know if you hear anything about when registration opens - I know it books up fast.

Packers Training Camp 5K
The Packers 5K started two years ago and, as I had never been to training camp before, I decided the inaugural 5K was the perfect reason to check it out. The race was organized very well considering I went in it's first year. The course takes you through the neighborhood around Lambeau Field and then, the big novelty factor, through the stadium and around the field itself. It's an awesome way to get field-level and see yourself on the big screen. The Packers don't have info up for this year yet. Check back here in a couple of months.

Gopher-to-Badger 5K
Here you have a choice between a 5K and a half marathon. I've been wanting to do an inter-state run just to say I accomplished the big, scary accomplishment of racing across state borders. Doesn't that sound epic? This one will take me across the Hudson bridge from Minnesota to Wisconsin for the low, low price of 3.1 miles. It all goes down August 11th.

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