Thursday, June 30, 2011

Overdue: Recap of Hart Fest Rock 'n Run 5K

This is long overdue, but I ran Hart Fest's Rock 'n Run 5K to benefit the MACC Fund, erm, nearly two weeks ago.

How did it go?

Well, let's see. At 11:00 AM I decided it would be a good idea to do my long run of the weekend. My friends were out of town and I was tasked with feeding their cat. I ran up to their place, a mere 35 or so blocks away. I ran back home.

You know that feeling when your muscles get tired enough that a) they stop hurting and b) you're subsequently lulled into thinking you're an awesome, resilient, strength-defying machine of running greatness?

Yeah, that. So much so that though my legs were jelly I looked at the positive side and called it "light on my feet."

I got home 1 hour and 40 minutes and 8.25 miles later and took a shower. This was a mere hour before the 5K was set to begin.

Originally I had planned to walk down to Hart Fest, run, and walk back home, but my brain (this time) knew better.

I drove the measly 7 or so blocks, parked, and put on my race face.

Race face lasted about a quarter mile when my body gave up and I was forced to walk. I, in turn, kindly requested that my body keep it together for 2.75 more miles.

We continued to argue the run/walk game for the rest of the race and I finished with one of my worst 5K times of 41 minutes and change. But at least I finished. And that good looking officer stationed for crowd control at mile 2 didn't have to resuscitate me.
Book 'em Danno.

I followed up my miserable 5K with a drive to J's followed by another drive down to Hart Fest. The nice folks who organized the 5K made sure we runners rehydrated and re-vitaminized by supplying us with 2 tickets for free beer. The ladies running the Tosa East Athletic Boosters tent were kind enough to pour me some Honey Bears. I also had a globaco from @FastFoodieMKE so delicious I wanted to marry it. The night was capped off with a large cupcake and the musical stylings of Old Mil.

All in all, not such a bad day.

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