Friday, April 15, 2011

This Totally Counts as Training

6:00 PM Team Challenge WI Fundraising Clinic
7:21 PM Arrive home
7:25 PM Walk three blocks to Subway for dinner
7:37 PM Walk back home with delicious Subway sandwich, dreaming of the moment I bite into it and let all that sandwichy goodness entertain my tastebuds while reruns of It's Always Sunny entertain my eyeballs

Sidenote: Walking = training, right?

7:42 PM Arrive at home, ope...


frak! op...

7:43 PM Okay, so the door's not opening.
7:43 PM and 10 seconds Okay, so my keys are not in my pocket

7:52 PM Walk over to local gas station hoping they have a phone book and pay phone
7:57 PM Why doesn't anyone have a phone book and pay phone anymore?
7:58 PM Walk over to Janet and Martin's house to beg asylum

Sidenote: See? More walking...

8:13 PM Yes! Martin answers the door. Who does that anymore? Happily, Martin
8:13 PM and 10 seconds Martin offers me a beer - Yes, please! I will pretend I am the Beer Runner! (only, you know, for walking)
8:17 PM Email....nope. Facebook Message....nope. White Pages search...nope. Frak! How am I going to find Jess's phone number???
8:18 PM Facebook Chat > Brian.
Me: Do you have Jess and Evan's cell numbers? I need them asap!
Brian: Sure, gimme a sec
8:24 PM Bada-freakin-Bing! Call Jess, explain situation
8:26 PM Commence with Strider Dog petting
8:35 PM Martin drives me home (I've done enough "training" tonight, no?)
8:37 PM Evan (Jess's husband) arrives with my keys, lets me in, and I walk up the stairs to my apartment.

Sidenote: Stairs totally count as my workout cool down.

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