Thursday, April 14, 2011

Training Q: Shoes? Injury? Something else?

I like running; I really do. Just not when my legs hurt.

For the past two training sessions (5 miles on Sunday, 2 miles yesterday) I never got into a good rhythm because my calf muscles kept hurting.

Like a Charlie Horse on steroids. Like my muscles mysteriously shortened and I couldn't extend my leg as far as I used to. Like I felt every darn impact of my sole hitting the pavement to the Nth degree. That crap literally echoed in my head.

Yes, these types of things are largely psychological.

I would need to stop and stretch every half mile or so, which would bring delightful relief, only to have the problem act up again 5 steps into my next jog. Even walking hurt.

It wasn't until about a mile and half in that either the pain numbed my leg so much I didn't notice, or my legs finally just got used to it and I could put up some semblence of an attempt at jogging.

What gives?

Is it my shoes? Do I need to stretch even more after each run? Will ibuprofen help? Icing? Spelling the alphabet with my toes in the air? Not wearing high heels during the day? Nutrition?

To be honest, I haven't been training as much or as long as I should so I have a hard time believing it's overuse/exhaustion...

It's a conundrum.

Calf Soreness = Running Form

Thank you, Google.
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  1. I've had the same trouble lately. I did 4 miles on Sunday (very dehydrated), bought new shoes, and did 4 more miles on Tuesday. Tuesday's run was better, probably because of the shoes. I also used a foam roller (a big can would also work) and worked it over my calves and legs. I've also been "spelling the alphabet" a few times a day, which seems to help.

  2. The running form link I posted is insightful. Though, I wonder why in the past I didn't have a problem and am just now running weirdly.

    You're alphabet tip has been helpful though, Jackie. Gracias!


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